Best Motivational Success Story for Success

Success Story
“Don’t give in to your dream, miracles come true every day.”

Ahmed Ibrahim Sabha is a developer of WordPress and a graduate of Management Information Systems from the University of Palestine. After I finished college I didn’t know the right way. Or where will I go? Will I get a job opportunity? Or will I remain mired in the scourge of unemployment and suffering??

So I made the decision to enroll in many training courses, and some corporate training, to hone my skills and add new ones to me, so I followed the policy (try, you will not lose anything)! I also had experiences in several different fields trying to find myself a new, appropriate identity. I’ve tried design, content writing, Front End programming, and a lot of other areas. But in fact, I had not yet found my passion and the work that could be my future life path.

One day, while I was searching for new training opportunities on social media platforms, I found an advertisement for the Login project, which is implemented by the Business and Technology Incubator-BTI at the Islamic University of Gaza, funded by the World Bank, and managed by the NDC.
NGO Development Center NDC
I read a lot about the project, but I had a question: Will this project be like the previous training courses I attended? Will I find myself after that time? Or am I just repeating past experiences without a clear goal or hope of finding my passion again??

I was interested in registering for the WordPress specialization and submitted the application, and after passing the project stages, I was accepted! It was not easy for me to believe how easy it was, thanks to God. So I relied on God and started my career in the BTI incubator in the Login project.
The project went through four phases, including training in technical English under the supervision of a great and competent coach with whom we had a lot of fun and created really great family training moments.
We proceeded to the second phase, which is the technical training phase, which is the cornerstone of this achievement, as we delved into the field of WordPress, and all my appreciation to the wonderful trainer who continues to communicate with us with love to this day.
Then we went through the third stage, which is the training of self-employment skills, which is the final stage that helped me break the siege barrier and the obstructing conditions for me, and it was the beginning of my entry into the local and international labor market, with an unforgettable coach, because he always led us towards success and excellence.
Finally, the fourth stage of hosting and guidance, and the stage of networking with other fields, was one of the reasons for increasing my circle of knowledge and experience.
Days go by and I watch my experience, knowledge and skills increase little by little. I cannot describe the amount of information, experiences and opportunities that I obtained during the project, despite the challenges I faced in it, but with the grace of God I was able to overcome them successively.

All of these stages were among the most beautiful times I spent on the project, which was full of experiences, expertise and achievements in the company of my wonderful and passionate colleagues. Praise be to God, I reaped the fruits of my efforts and won the Rising Talent competition as the best trainee in the group. I got many projects during and after the project period, and I work – thanks to God – Remote is currently in long-term contracts with many local and international companies.

Finally, I will not forget the efforts of the coaching staff and the administrative staff of the project, who have not been lazy for a moment and have never been absent from our service. Here, I would like to thank them for being given such an opportunity. You all deserve thanks, and if it weren’t for God and then your efforts, my success story would not have had any access, and my goals would not have been achieved. And my achievements and you are the ones who carry the torch of success and development, so I thank you and always move forward.

In conclusion, I say to everyone who read my story, do not give up the pursuit of your dream, miracles happen every day, and all you have to do is seize the opportunities that come to you and make sure that it is not impossible as long as you try!